City Dolls – Crane Dance

City Dolls

Steel Cranes

Steel the show

A symphony beyond the ground musically conducting our future sounds,

Here I stand with my steel friends,

Creating the new landscape without end,

The future is firmly in our outstretched arms of steel

Can’t you see how beautiful and free we are up here,

Looking down on everyone under our steel feet

Arms outstretched almost touching the clouds with our new beat,

This is our street

Cranes like steel city dolls, almost human, standing magnificent and tall

Play me the new city song, my steel friend so that we might sing along

Cranes standing like trees commanding the skies and sheltering the sea

Reflecting all that is about to change and creating anticipation look at me, look at me

I’m so tall, I’m so tall, can you see the change that will be.

Look at me, look at me,

I’m standing tall for all to see and there is no stopping me

Dancing beneath the sky

Cranes beautiful in majestic steel,

Shouting look at me, look at me

Before they say goodbye


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